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Responsive web design

We’ve all been there. You visit a site on your desktop computer and it looks great. But that same website on your tablet is not so pretty, to say the least. On a mobile it’s even worse! You find the pages hard to read unless you zoom in, and scrolling is also a problem – further to that, a lot of features don’t even work. This is because the site you’re looking at is not responsive and therefore doesn’t adapt to the device you’re viewing it on.

In 2014 the numbers of users browsing the Internet from a mobile device outnumbered desktop users, and today that gap is widening ever further. This is why it’s crucial your website is devise responsive, so customers are not deterred from buying your products and services when browsing your website from mobile devices.

Mobile friendly websites

The rapidly evolving landscape of web browsing means that user expectation is also changing – people want to be able to browse the web easily from whatever device they’re on. They want your web pages load fast and the user experience to adapt according to the device screen, too. The page layout automatically chooses the format most suitable for the browsing device’s screen size, and navigation becomes easier. Over recent years, responsive design has grown massively in demand – and it’s key you adapt to the changing technological landscape and that your website is optimised for mobile usage.

Did you know, Google gives mobile friendly websites priority in its rankings? So, if you’ve spent time ensuring your website is Google-friendly, responsive design is a vital piece of the jigsaw to ensure your website maximises every visit it receives. No matter how your customers view your website it can target them and you won’t miss out on business.

Art Division make mobile responsive and client-friendly websites for your business to benefit from the many advantages: a website that is convenient, easy to access and that shows your business cares about its mobile visitors.


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