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A Marketers Guide to Google Plus For Business

Google Plus (or Google+) is Google’s own social network, but it’s been slow to gain popularity. Google+ continues to tweak its services and make changes in response to users’ needs, leading to a more versatile platform with better integration to some of Google’s other services, such as Google Calendar and YouTube.

Google Plus For Business

Google+ displays all types of media – video, images and text – and has a simple, intuitive commenting system. It’s incredibly diverse and easy to navigate, with an organised, structured overview.

  • The Basics

    Circles are the groups you put the people you’re following into, allowing you to differentiate between friends, family, acquaintances and those you are simply following but don’t actually know. You can rename your circles and create as many new ones as you like, allowing you to group people as you see fit. It’s also possible to put one person in several different circles, and a person does not need to add you back for you to follow them. Users can see updates from people in their Circles via the ‘Stream’.

    The +1 Button allows you to show your interest in specific stories both within Google+ and across the web. If you click the +1 Button on an external web page, the story will appear in your profile, whereas if you +1 something within Google+, it will add a +1 to that story. This is akin to ‘liking’ something on Facebook.

    Your home page shows the news stream of all the stories posted by people in your circles, and it allows you to filter your stream to view specific circles. Likewise, you can post your own entries to Google+ here, and choose which circles you wish to be able to view each update.

    Google Hangouts was a feature which allowed users to make video calls and engage in video conferencing. However, this feature was removed during the design overhaul in 2015 and can now be accessed through mobile apps and the Google Hangouts homepage.

  • Other Features

    The Explore page features a news stream of stories, based on recommendations specifically for you and chosen according to your profile and +1s.

    In 2015, the Collections feature was launched, which allows users to create collections of content centred around their interests. And in 2017, Google+ launched the new Discover feature. This allows users to find the best content available on the network. In addition, users can now hide low quality comments on posts.

    And the tweaking of features doesn’t stop there. Google+ has also resurrected its Events feature. This allows users to create events, invite others to an event, and join events.

  • How Google+ Stands Out

    Google+ is largely seen as a place for people with things in common to interact, rather than a place for friends and family to keep in touch. For this reason, deep conversations and meaningful discussions are not uncommon.

    Anything posted publicly to Google+ is indexed quickly by Google, meaning it will show up in relevant search results fast. The +1 feature also alters search results for Google+ users, giving pages associated with those in your circles a higher ranking, leading to a more personalised and relevant search.

  • Is Google+ still useful for businesses?

    On January 24th this year, Google+ rolled out multiple new updates all designed to make the new Google+ ‘your Google+’. The Google+ of old was no more. But the new version is even more customisable. There’s little doubt that Google+ is still relevant and useful for businesses, not least because anything you post on it will show up in the Google search results page for your business. However, to get the most out of Google+, your page must be well-optimised. Google+ has been slow to break into social media, but we cannot ignore the fact that it’s a part of the world’s biggest search engine.

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