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Search Engine Optimisation

Want more sales conversions from your website? Engage with the right SEO company.

Just having a website is not enough. There are over one trillion websites indexed by Google who work daily to improve their algorithms so that each search produces the best and most relevant results possible. How can you convince Google to pick your website and place it on page one?

We know how.

Our search engine consultants can provide everything from detailed keyword report to competitor analysis and on-page optimisation to complex changes to your website coding and structure in order to make your website as visible as possible on the Internet.

We split our SEO services in 3 stages:

1. SEO analysis

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail; famous words but so true when setting up a search engine optimisation campaign.

We will uncover your main competitors to show you where you rank online in your field of expertise, so you have a clear starting point when boosting your ranking. Art Division will assess the strength of your website and find key areas of optimisation you may have missed, increasing hits to your website which in turn will increase your enquiries and profit.

2. SEO setup

We examine all areas of your site and delve deep into the coding to ensure it’s as Google- friendly as possible. We make structural changes such as adding tags to your images and optimising text and links to ensure your website can be seen. As well as this, we can plan, write and upload new copy onto your site in order to build the size and potential back links; all strengthening your Google rankings.

3. Ongoing SEO

Why not turn your website into an asset with our ongoing marketing package? With our monthly review we make crucial SEO changes to text (we can even write the content for you), images and links; in order to keep your website visible to Google. We understand how Google assess link-building strategies; this knowledge ensures we can legitimately increase the authenticity of your site and keep it above your competitions’.

As an established SEO company based in London, our SEO services aim to:

  • Improve your Google page ranking
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Increase conversion rate when people hit your site
  • Build credibility for your brand
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We run 3 types of lead generation campaigns, as follows:

Acquisition campaigns

Conversion campaigns

Retention & Trust campaigns


Our digital marketing services include: