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Paid Media Campaigns (PPC)

Do you need leads, enquiries and sales, right now? Are you offering a fantastic product or a service that you must ensure gets immediate exposure without having to wait for your organic campaign to work?

If the answer is yes, then Google’s Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is right for you.

How does pay per click management work?

PPC marketing campaigns are one of the most successful methods of driving increased traffic to websites. Pay Per Click Advertising is charged per click and guarantees your site will get high up on page one of Google based on the keywords you have selected and your daily budget. However, setting up and running the campaign is a complicated process and one you do not want to get wrong. PPC can be an incredibly effective and profitable way to promote your business if executed well, but beware: if you get it wrong it can be a costly and time consuming failure.

Art Division can help with your pay per click management including:

  • Setting up your campaign following a detailed keyword search to find the most effective way of marketing your business
  • Creating the PPC strategy and allocating it to relevant groups with adverts crafted around both the groups and keywords
  • Monitoring the entire campaign to ensure you are getting the most for your money and that the potential customers are clicking relevant ads to the correct content
  • Producing a monthly report detailing the statistics from your PPC campaign to show you what is working and how.

Our campaigns are primarily targeted through Google Adwords, which can reach up to 80-90 percent of the UK market.

For more information on Pay Per Click advertising, please give us a call on 020 8543 4320 or send us an enquiry.

Paid Media Campaigns (PPC) 1

We run 3 types of lead generation campaigns, as follows:

Acquisition campaigns

Conversion campaigns

Retention & Trust campaigns


Our digital marketing services include: