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About Art Division

Art Division is a multi-award winning digital marketing agency specialising in the property market. Our typical clients are well established estate or letting agents or other property professionals, with exceptional local reputation and track record. We enable them to take this reputation and marry it with their online marketing, attract more prospecting clients and compete with the bigger players through the new and proven marketing techniques.

What does this mean?

We act as an extended digital marketing department to property related businesses, such as estate and letting agents, property developers or suppliers to the property industry, focusing on increasing their brand exposure, lead generation and assisted conversions.

Many of the agents that ask us for help have few things in common:

  • They struggle to compete with the online agents, who seem to eat away from their market share
  • They find it hard to attract the right type of clients, those that are willing to pay more than the fixed fees online agents charge
  • They don’t have enough leads coming in each month, which means their conversions are unpredictable and often not enough
  • And finally, our favourite – they don’t really have any idea what works and what doesn’t, but they continue to invest in digital marketing month in and out because they are afraid not to

If this is also you, we should talk.

Our People

Each member of our team is a specialist in their respective fields, which means they give our clients the best advice. We pride ourselves on the fact that we listen and respond to each and every one of our valued customers, giving them all the time and energy it takes to create a viable, results-driven website or digital campaign.

It’s no wonder that 50% of our clients come from recommendations and repeat business! This proves that not only what we provide works, but also that it is delivered in a way that will make others want to pass on our details.

Why the property industry?

We can’t all be experts and good at everything, and this applies to marketing as well. Our passion is property – few of our team members are also landlords and investors, some have also managed several property refurbishment projects. So, we get it. And we understand your business well enough to be able to successfully market it online.

What makes us different


We help our clients be proactive in reaching their market. There is a ‘push and pull’ process with marketing and both need to be synchronised for best results. Many companies just ‘push’ their message out, such as with advertising and promotions. However, this is costly and companies have to wait for the results to come in, they in turn have little control over the results. We help clients proactively attract customers. When potential customers search for a product or service, we make sure our clients are visible, can be found and will attract exactly the clients they’re looking for.

Expert knowledge of the market

We specialise in the property market and have successfully executed hundreds of campaigns for a long list of clients. We are all fully trained and expert in understanding how the buying process works, which means our client often regard Art Division as an extension to their own marketing department. We seamlessly become part of your team.

Technically ahead of the crowd

We know digital marketing inside out. We furthermore know exactly how to apply it for your market. We compete in a space where some companies say they’re technical experts but in practice merely manage/sell databases. To successfully get results in this market so much more is needed. We too utilise databases but take it to the next level by enabling our clients to actively engage with potential customers.


What are you looking for?

One thing that’s important is to work out what success looks like to you. Is it increasing your market share? Winning more instructions? Increasing your profits?Having more consistency in the flow of leads each month?

This is so we can ensure that we develop a strategy in line with your objectives. Ultimately we want to know how much business you want to win, what kind of clients you’re looking for and your past success rate. If we get the answers to these questions, we can assist you in reaching your goals and make sure we stick to your benchmarks. Whether you’ve specific sales figures in mind, or you simply have a vision of your ‘perfect’ outcome, we can help you.

Next steps…

  1. First of all you should decide what part of the business you want to grow and need help with
  2. Work out how much new clients will be worth to your business and how many you will need
  3. Decide on a budget
  4. Give us a call and we will work together to achieve your wishes!

Here at Art Division we pride ourselves on making the complicated seem simple. By analysing your basic goals we can have a clear understanding as to your needs and make your site work for your business.

We guarantee to give you a unique and tailor-made service for your requirements or your money back

We are willing to work around any marketing goals you have in order to deliver the right digital solutions. We have all the skills, experience and knowledge necessary that you need as a business – from custom design and web development; to website hosting; content marketing; email marketing and PPC marketing; we can provide any services you need on any scale.

We guarantee to expose your business to hundreds, in most cases thousands (even millions) of web users

Is your business currently found through Google Search; Yahoo Search; Blogger search; Twitter Search; web forums; web directories or any social networking or social bookmarking sites? If not, you are missing out, as 72 percent of the UK population is already using the web and all you need is a small percentage of that visiting your website to make a HUGE difference to your business.

We guarantee to increase the number of enquiries you get through your website

This means you’ll get a higher return on your marketing investment and will have a better chance of converting your website prospects into clients. Every website, no matter how good, usually has only one shot at selling. We can help ensure this 1st impression really counts.

We guarantee if you call us, we will be able to recommend at least one way you can both save and make money on the web

Give us a call to find out about our list of services available to you. Whether you already have a website or need one developed, we have business strategies where you can increase your web enquiries or maintain your website in-house. One phone call could possibly change your business…

We guarantee to start on your project within 24 working hours upon receipt of the signed proposal and the deposit or we will deduct 5 percent off the quoted fee for each delayed day

We understand that your new website is very important for your business and we have invested a lot of time and effort in our project management processes in order to start every project as quickly as possible. We are very confident that we can achieve this, so we guarantee that for every 24 hour delay, we will reduce our price by 5 percent.

Call us today and find out what we can do for you.

We run 3 types of lead generation campaigns, as follows:

Acquisition campaigns

Conversion campaigns

Retention & Trust campaigns