Social Media Marketing for the Property Market

social media marketing for the property marketThere’s no doubting that business participation on social media has been flavour of the month
for some time now, and with almost every established corporate brand name boasting an active
Twitter profile, Facebook page and frequently updated blog, we can be assured of the very
significant benefits to businesses who embrace social media.

The property industry is no exception. In truth, many agencies and developers are
experimenting with multiple profiles that are geographically targeted as well as using less
conventional social media platforms, such as Flickr, to promote their property portfolios.

But it's not all good news

Social media can indeed be time-consuming, particularly if most small and medium size businesses cannot afford to allocate the time needed to properly maintain, grow and engage with their ‘followers’ day to day. Because of this, many property businesses update these platforms sporadically, failing to really engage and leverage the opportunities that social media could give them.

Furthermore, in order for any social media campaign to really pay dividends, companies need to adopt and commit to well planned marketing campaigns to attract more and the desired type of ‘fan’, ‘follower’ or ‘connection’. By using Facebook’s paid ads, a business can significantly increase the number of fans ‘liking’ their pages. However, this approach could cost hundreds of pounds per month, especially if not done by people with the necessary experience to both the platforms and the industry.

The Solution

Become part of Property Division’s social media community and we will take the burden of maintaining your campaign for fraction of the cost.

We have made it our mission to build the largest independent social media property community
aimed at individuals or businesses based in London, by sharing the most useful and relevant
information and actively promoting our clients’ services and products, and engaging and
interacting with followers on three of the most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and

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