Bespoke Content Management System

A CMS that Google loves!

Want to be on page one of Google for your selected products or services? Then you need the right platform to make it easy to achieve this goal.

With expertises in web design, web development, SEO and social media, Art Division’s bespoke Foundation CMS (content management system) offers the best blend of Google- friendly code and user friendly control panel.

We understands how important utilising social media is for a 21st century company. This is why the Foundation CMS offers a 360 degree package, which encompasses three of the most visited websites in the world – Google, Facebook and YouTube.

With Google receiving over 293 million hits per day, it’s clear that being on the first page is massively beneficial for your business. Foundation’s code is ‘Google-friendly’, meaning that when your text is analysed it can be ranked higher on search pages. In order to make the Foundation CMS as useful to Google as possible, it incorporates several automated features, which not only boost your Google rating but also save you time.

Webmasters Central
As a tool provided by Google itself, you won’t find anything more search engine friendly than Webmasters. We can code Webmasters so that it’s incorporated into the foundations of your website in order to create a site map which automatically tells Google when you have a new page, or newly added content.

Friendly URLS
Foundation’s simple-to-use system allows its administrator to easily control what appears in each page’s URL. This tool further strengthens the website’s position in Google as it quickly shows the search engine exactly what each page is about.

Google Analytics
This Google provided tool can be coded into your CMS by Art Division to give you easy-to-understand reports which measure improvements and marketing campaigns. If you don’t feel you have the time to review statistics, we can monitor them for you. We can produce monthly reports comparing data and illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of your performance.

Priority Pages
Our CMS will notify Google as to which pages on your site are of the most importance. This will increase your website’s value as it will be very clear as to what your website is about.

Google Site Search and Google Enterprise Search
We can incorporate the ever reliable Google site search into your website, allowing your visitors to find the content they are looking for easily, quickly and without hassle.

Utilisation of Social Networks
Foundation’s straightforward layout makes it simple to utilise the most powerful social networks at the click of a button. Facebook and YouTube are at number two and three on the internet when it comes to the most visited websites in the world – with only Google beating them and Twitter not far behind.

Google Maps
Whether you want to show your customers where you are based geographically or are looking to plan a route, we can code Google Maps into your site.

Schema Code

Schema is a collaboration between the world’s top search engines to create a method that made it easier to categorize and identify important information on websites. However, local businesses are largely behind when it comes to adopting current web design and SEO practices. During the past few months we have invested a lot of time in learning how to best integrate this code in our websites and we are now offering schema integration in almost every site we build by default.

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The Right Solutions to Meet Your Exact Needs Now, and in the Future.

Foundation CMS

Our specifically crafted website management system has been built with Google firmly in mind. Bespoke to each customer’s needs, each Foundation system is reliable and with a clean, easy -to-use layout.

Wordpress CMS

For businesses on any budget our WordPress CMS package gives you the control you need without having to spend more than you can afford. We assess your business in order to find the most appropriate approach based on your budget, timescale and goals and proceed accordingly.

Magento CMS - Ecommerce Websites

Magento is an Ecommerce platform, which allows you to plan, design, build, host and manage your online shop.  The feature-rich software is built on open-source technology that allows unprecedented flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of Ecommerce stores.


All our websites are now built in HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 brings the Internet into alignment with the modern digital world. It's the latest version of HTML and perfect to use on mobile devices. The way it works is it allows the web to cater to these platforms more effectively. The modern CSS3 allows yet greater flexibility for browser-supported styling than before and allows a web page to display in a different way, depending on what device is being used to view it.

Responsive Web Design

Most websites we build today are ‘responsive’. This generally increases the cost of the website build, however, it also significantly improves the user experience. Responsive Design makes one website usable by all devices: desktops, tablets and mobiles. It ensures the elements that don’t work on mobile devices are not displayed and makes navigation a lot easier - usually by inserting buttons.

Website Hosting and Maintenance Services

Art Division is a partner with Every City Managed Hosting, a UK-leading hosting supplier that provides us with dedicated hosting servers purely for our clients. This maximises your website’s reliability, performance and support and also offers round-the-clock power failure protection.

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