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Now that you have the basics in place and are happy with the layout and sitemap of your website, all you need to do is fine tune your web copy and optimise your individual web pages.

This applies to both the visitors to your website and the search engines with the key being to ensure that each page is as relevant as possible to the keywords you are using. (If you are looking for SEO 101 then read our SEO advice page first before continuing).

Here is a list of our more advanced SEO suggestions to help boost your website's performance:

1) Avoid duplicated content and other techniques considered black hat SEO

2) Establish 301 redirects. This means pointing the search engines from old URLs to your new URLs - to be used, for example, when replacing pages or restructuring a site

3) Are you updating your keyword research? Over time (or at particular times of the year) certain keywords can become more/less popular or more/less competitive

4) Create a robots.txt file. This will allow you to hide certain pages from the search engine spiders and gives you control over which pages appear in the search engine results. 

5) Good practice is to redirect the non-www version of your site to the www version. For example, and are seen by Google as two different sites. This is called canonicalization and can be detrimental to a website's ranking if not managed

6) Restrict the keywords you are using to one or two synonyms per optimised page. Otherwise you risk watering down the relevancy of each page

7) Create a custom 404 page which visitors to the site will see if they request a URL which, whilst establishing a connection with the server, can not be found. 

8) Limit the amount of flash and Java Script that your webpages have. They can't be read by Google and frequent visitors can become irritated by repetitive flash sequences. 

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