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  • Do you want more business from your website?
  • Do you want more traffic, more enquiries and more conversions?
  • What would you type into Google to find a business like yours?

The first site found by Google picks up around 42% of all traffic. It’s crucial for a website to appear as high in Google’s search results as possible. Art Division is an SEO agency that can help you move up the ranking positions, and get more enquiries from your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the overall term for the multiple techniques that allow us to do this. We use the following strategies:

  • Assessing your website - we can advise you about on page changes
  • Analysing your market sector - see how the competition is ranking
  • Performing a keyword analysis - find out what terms and phrases are being searched for
  • Planning for your future - look at a strategy that targets the customers you want

As an established SEO agency, we know that there are many processes involved.  To develop real lasting results from our SEO services, we look at the different approaches and tailor your campaign to your business.  

To establish the best SEO strategy for your company, based on your current position, we look at the opportunities available and create a long term marketing plan, helping you reach as broad a market as possible to grow your business.

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