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Many people believe SEO is all about the search engines. It isn't. Once your website's pages are found in the search engines you need to ensure the visitor landing on your web page finds something of value and interest which salsifies what it is they are looking for.

With that in mind, here are our initial top 10 things to consider:

1) Make it as simple as possible for the visitor to  find what they are looking for on each and every page

2) Do you have a clear sitemap which is easy to navigate from the homepage?

3) Do you have an analytics code installed? If you can’t measure your results, you can’t be sure of how best to improve what you’re doing

4) Have you submitted an XML sitemap to the major search engines (this lets them know how many pages are on your domain to index)

5) Do you have clear, well written website copy for your products/services pages which have 200-300 words (which the search engines can read)

6) Is each page optimised for a small number of specific keywords? This involves using headers (h tags), meta data, and alt tags

7) Have you registered your website with Google Places?

8) Do you have a clear call to action on each page?

9) Have you thought about the names of your pages? Are they keyword rich?

10) Do you have your internal links established? Don’t use anchor text (the text used to actually click on a link) such as ‘click here’. Instead use a keyword if possible

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