PHP Content Management System

What it can offer you and your website

We're proud of our Content Management System (CMS) and in particular, what it can offer those tasked with managing the websites we design and build.

Here are just some of the most important features of our CMS:

  • Ability to completely control your web pages' content and images as well as optimising each individual page for selected keywords/phrases, improving your chances of being found through the search engines
  • Customise your website's responses – your ‘thank you’ pages when someone signs up to your newsletter or sends you an enquiry
  • Make sure you present compelling and accurate website copy with our in-built spell checker
  • Easily add analytical tracking code – allowing you to track the number of visitors to your site, which will help you improve your online marketing campaign and monitor performance
  • Set individual page priority for search engines by linking automatically to your Google site map, allowing you to prioritise your most important landing pages (increasing your chances of higher page ranking)
  • Insert movies from sites such as YouTube or Vimeo and add sound files or flash animations
  • When creating new pages you can save draft copies, preview drafts before publishing or prior to updating existing live pages, giving you peace of mind before publishing your new content on the live site
  • Set administrative access allowing different people to access the control panel
  • Reorder main and footer menus, giving you the flexibility to try new things in the future
  • Upload and organise your downloads, such as PDF, images, word docs, excel files, etc
  • Receive enquiry submissions, which will be saved onto the control panel for you to access 24/7
  • Format your content in a similar way you do in Microsoft Word, making our CMS very easy to use

There are of course plenty of other features to our CMS. To view our DEMO or discuss your requirements, call us on 020 8543 4320 or send us an enquiry

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