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Keeping on trend with what your consumers want

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There are a range of new trends developing within online marketing, trying to incorporate the personal approach involved with traditional marketing and making it digital. With people becoming more reluctant to spend their money, ensuring you use the right avenues to reach out to potential customers is more important than ever.

Local Online Marketing
A large and increasing portion of search traffic is now being generated by users looking for local results. If you are able to capture even a small minority of the traffic it will result in a significant increase in profit. People are still spending money but make sure you’re in with a chance of capturing those sales.

Earned Media
Unlike traditional advertisement avenues where you paid to be talked about, social media has to be earned. In order to get status online, you have to populate your profile and blog with good content, and keep sufficiently optimised for search engines.

Mobile Pull Marketing
Mobile marketing is relatively new and becoming increasingly popular with both businesses and consumers. The most common example of its use is QR codes, a 2d barcode which you scan into your smart phone to get information quickly about a shop or product etc. When you scan the code you are then able to browse for sweepstakes, coupons, viewing a video etc.

Customer Voice  
What your customers are saying about you is vital, although blogs and twitter help gain awareness of products it is important for potential customers to see what your current clients have to say. A  way they find this is by looking at reviews and your testimonials so do try and encourage customers to include a comment.

Advertise By Format
An increasing trend is to tailor your advertising campaigns for a range of different formats ranging from computers, ipads to a smart phone. Each format potentially attracts a different audience so tailor it for them, smart phones commonly associated with business people and teenagers.

Incorporating the ideas above will help turn 2012 into your year.

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