Keyword search engine optimisation (SEO)

Keywords are very important. In fact they are vital to search engine optimisation (SEO) and thus to online success.

Choosing the right keywords to use for your website's content really can make the difference between success and failure. Not only that but data about your keywords can help when making decisions on strategy, new site content/web pages and social media optimisation; there isn't much keywords can't help with. 

We hear people say all the time that they can identify their own keywords. This of course, thanks to free online tools, is possible - if not advisable. 

The Google keyword tool, for example, is a great place to start and draw up an initial list. However the figures provided by these free tools can be inaccurate, it will not help identify which keywords could increase ROI (return on investment) and it doesn't provide any detail regarding the competition for particular keywords. 

We use the latest licensed software to ensure your website has the best possible foundations on which to build.

Of course once monthly data is available you will be able to see which keywords are and are not performing.

But that's really entering the realm of online marketing.

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