Digital Marketing and Web Design Specialists

We started life as a web design company over a decade ago and quickly expanded into digital marketing as our clients wanted return on their investment. We have built up our business successfully and can boast a long list of happy customers. We're a forward-thinking business; up-to-date with the latest tools and technology, which is why our services are so effective and popular with our clients.

Each of our team members is a specialist in their respective fields, which means they give our clients the best advice. We pride ourselves on the fact that we listen and respond to each and every one of our valued customers, giving them all the time and energy it takes to create a viable, results-driven website or online campaign.

It’s no wonder that 50 percent of our clients come from recommendations and repeat business! This proves that not only what we provide works, but also that it is delivered in a way that will make others want to pass on our details.

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What are you looking for?

One thing that's important is to work out what success looks like to you. This is so we can ensure that we develop your site in line with your objectives. Ultimately we want to know how much business you want to win, what kind of clients you're looking for and your past success rate. If we get the answers to these questions, we can assist you in reaching your goals and make sure we stick to your benchmarks. Whether you've specific sales figures in mind, or you simply have a vision of your ‘perfect’ website, we can help you.

Next steps…

  1. First of all you should decide what percentage of business you want from the Internet
  2. Assess as to whether you want to get business through your website, or whether it's purely a destination vehicle
  3. Work out how much new clients will be worth to your business and how many you will need
  4. Decide on a budget
  5. Give us a call and we will work together to achieve your wishes!

Here at Art Division we pride ourselves on making the complicated seem simple. By analysing your basic goals we can have a clear understanding as to your needs and make your site work for your business.